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Stephane LOEUILLET stephane.loeuillet at tiscali.fr
Tue Jan 11 14:40:08 CET 2005


> Using yum I installed gstreamer-0.8.8 and gstreamer-plugins-0.8.6. Try
> same command line, get same error.
> Benjamin Otte escribe:
> > It might work if you specified a period size manually via
> > gst-launch sinesrc ! alsasink period-size=$VALUE
> $ gst-launch-0.8 sinesrc ! alsasink period-size=2048
> Great, this works here. But, I can run jackstart with no -p argument
> without a problem, this means 1024 frames per period should be
> supported by my sound card, doesn't it?
> How do I tell Gnome to use a period-size of 2048 for GStreamer
> applications? GStreamer preferences only allow me choosing the input
> and output sink, but not their parameters.

it looks like bug #162024

in gstreamer-properties (or directly in gconf-editor), set your
audiosink to : alsasink period-size=2048

i commited a fix to gst-plugins CVS (would be in 0.8.8).
in the case of the reporter, it did not work because alsa reported to
support any period-count, when it fact it needed a value >= 3 (gst
defaults to 2) -> rotten alsa driver

hope you're not in the same situation


Stephane LOEUILLET <stephane.loeuillet at tiscali.fr>

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