[gst-devel] Thoggen 0.2 released

Tim Müller t.i.m at zen.co.uk
Wed Jan 12 09:32:17 CET 2005


Thoggen 0.2 has just been released. Get it from:


In addition to the source tarball there is also a .deb package for debian sid 

 What is Thoggen?

Thoggen is a DVD backup utility ('DVD ripper') for Linux, based on Gtk+ and 
GStreamer. It creates ogg/theora video files and features an extremely easy 
and intuitively to use interface. Thoggen supports picture cropping and 

 Major Changes in 0.2

 * New features:
    - Language selection for audio track
    - Pausing/Unpausing of encoding possible
    - DVD drive detection for 2.4 kernels
    - Choice of quality or file-size target
    - Check free disk space before encoding
       and regularly during encoding; pause
       automatically just before running out
       of disk space.

 * Improved DVD drive and medium detection:
    - should work for Linux 2.4 kernels now
    - fixed DVD disc detection for some cases
    - do media check polling ourselves if
    - check THOGGEN_DVD_DRIVE_DEVICE environment
       variable (for non-Linux kernels, or if the
       existing detection methods fail).

 * Configuration dialog improvements:
    - restore previously used filename 
       for same title

 * Use slightly less memory and renice 
    at startup, so that thoggen only
    uses CPU cycles that are not needed 
    for more important things.

 * Preview right title in case where some of
    the titles on the DVD have been hidden.


 * Gtk+ 2.4.9 or newer
 * GStreamer 0.8.7 or newer
 * gst-plugins 0.8.7 or newer
 * GStreamer plugins required (debian package names in brackets):
    - a52dec            (gstreamer0.8-a52dec)
    - mpeg2dec          (gstreamer0.8-mpeg2dec)
    - dvdreadsrc        (gstreamer0.8-dvd)
    - dvddemux          (gstreamer0.8-misc)
    - videoscale        (gstreamer0.8-misc)
    - theoraenc         (gstreamer0.8-theora)
    - rawvorbisenc      (gstreamer0.8-vorbis)
    - oggmux            (gstreamer0.8-misc)
    - audioconvert      (gstreamer0.8-misc)
    - audioscale        (gstreamer0.8-misc)
    - ffmpegcolorspace  (gstreamer0.8-misc)
 * libdvdread3 >= 0.9.4
 * dbus, dbus-glib
 * hal and libhal

More information is available at http://thoggen.net


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