[gst-devel] Passing Custom Events

Thirupathiah Annapureddy writetothiru at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 06:17:01 CET 2005

Hi All,
I have developed two basic elements src and decoder specific to our
hw. They use normal gst provided logic to pass data when they are
connected to non-custom elements. When both of these are connected, i
want to exchange some unique information between them so that data
flow is handled entirely at hw level.
I thought of sending a custom event from one element to another
element to exchange this unique information. To create a custom event,
should i extend GstEventType or i can use any event# higher than

What do the events GST_EVENT_ANY, GST_EVENT_EMPTY mean? Is there any
possibility that i can use these events  for the above purpose?

Normally down-stream events are handled in _chain or _loop functions
as part of dataflow. When an element does not handle an event, it
needs to call gst_pad_event_default to pass it furthur downstream.
But i have seen some of _chain based elements that do not check
whether there is any event(GST_IS_EVENT) in the data flow or not. Is
not this a bad implementation? How come the events are passed furthur

Thanks in advance,
A. Thirupathi Reddy

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