[gst-devel] Passing Custom Events

Florian Winter fw at graphics.cs.uni-sb.de
Wed Jan 26 08:46:02 CET 2005

gstreamer-devel-request at lists.sourceforge.net wrote:

>On Tue, 2005-01-25 at 15:16, Thirupathiah Annapureddy wrote:
>>I thought of sending a custom event from one element to another
>>element to exchange this unique information. To create a custom event,
>>should i extend GstEventType or i can use any event# higher than
>Any higher should be good. Maybe we want to add a _PRIVATE value, above
>which everything is private (a GstStructure's name then implies the
>actual event data).
what about two custom elements using an overlapping set of custom event 
tags? if two such elements have been written by different developers, 
does an application developer using both elements have to be avare of 
such a situation and modify the implementation of the custom elements by 
hand? if the application developer is not aware of events and event tags 
at all, how can such a situation be detected? what happens if a custom 
event is misidentified as another custom event because it happens to 
have the same event tag?


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