[gst-devel] LiveSupport 1.0rc1 - using gstreamer and SMIL

Ákos Maróy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Mon Jul 4 00:26:01 CEST 2005

I'm happy to announce that we've released the 1.0rc1 version of
LiveSuppot, a radio programming support tool, which uses gstreamer for
playing the radio contents. more information on the project can be found


our sources can de downloaded from the sourceforge site, here:

accessing and working with the CVS version is described here:

gstreamer is a recent addition to livesupport, previously we've been
using the Helix audio library. but having run into numerous problems,
we've decided to change to gstreamer, even though at a quite late stage
in development.

for our needs, I impelemented several gstreamer elements, inculidng a
minimal audio SMIL element, that plays the subset of SMIL we need at the
moment for LiveSupport. this basically involves only audio, only the
<par> element, and sound level animation through the <animate> element
(but only linear animation, with fill="freeze").

you guys might be interested in the gstreamer elements I wrote, and the
way I used the original elements. this is my first shot at gstreamer, so
there are bound to be some un-orthodox solutions in there. the elements
can be found under the modules/gstreamerElements directory in the
LiveSupport sources:

during the development, I filed numerous bugs reports and also some
patches about gstreamer. some if these are already committed to the
gstreamer HEAD, some are said to be totally wrong :) currently,
LiveSupport uses its own patched version of gstreamer 0.8.10 and
gst-plugins 0.8.9, with the patches we rely on found in the etc
directory under the tools/gstreamer/gstreamer-0.8.10 directory in our
source tree:

naturally we'd like to go with the mainstream version of gstreamer in
due time, thus our aim is to either see our patches integrated, or try a
way to solve our issues without patching gstreamer.

I'd really apprieciate if the gstreamer community would look at the
gstremaer-related code and elements, so as to point out all the flaws I
made in my attempt at gstreamer. I'm naturally also interested in
feedback, bug reports, patches and suggestions regarding the gstreamer
elements I made... bugs can be filed under:


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