[gst-devel] Re: Fwd: GStreamer successfully compiled for windows.

Maciej Katafiasz ml at mathrick.org
Sun Jul 10 17:30:06 CEST 2005

Dnia 09-07-2005, sob o godz. 19:13 +0200, Christian HJ Wiesner napisał:
> > Regarding the player, yes it will be opensource, but it will also be
> >as simple as possible (file chooser, play, pasue, stop). I mean it
> >really only as a tech-demo. The most complicated will be probably the
> >sinks (which will be also OSS, but we (Xeris) want to use them in our
> >project).

Great to hear you're continuing your work on Win32 sinks. However, you
should be aware that in current 0.8, MinGW builds of most plugins aren't
usable, due to the way library dependencies are done (gst depends on
unresolved symbols, that works with POSIX, but win32 refuses to work).
It has been corrected in 0.9, and would be also possible to do in 0.8,
however the amount of maintenance work has stopped anyone from doing
that so far. So if you choose MinGW as your devel environment, you
should prepare for some pain.
MSVC builds don't have that problem, as they are built in a completely
different way.


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