[gst-devel] streaming windows media problems

Robert Bank robert.bank at domesticus.org
Mon Jul 11 01:11:27 CEST 2005

Hi List,

I'am having problems with ms audio streams, i'am using the following

prompt#  gst-launch-0.8 gnomevfssrc
location=http://www.garnierstreamingmedia.com/asx/kink_classx.asp !
spider ! volume ! audioscale ! audioconvert ! $(gconftool-2
-g /system/gstreamer/0.8/default/audiosink) 

the error i'am getting is:

ERROR: from element /pipeline0/spider0/sink_ident: Could not determine
type of stream.

The stream is ok, mplayer and xine are working fine.

I'am running debian unstable and, along with the standard plugins,
ffmpeg and the pitfdll plugins are installed. 

Is this a known problem with ms streams , or can someone point me in the
right direction to look for ?

thanks for any help!

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