[gst-devel] media type detection

Stefan Koch devman at gmx-topmail.de
Wed Jul 13 09:57:18 CEST 2005


I'm searching for a stream based library to convert various audio 
formats to raw PCM and vice versa.

So I tried gstreamer (versions 0.8.8 and 0.8.10).

Unfortunately the example for type finding shown at


returns only error messages like:

"Error: Could not determine type of stream."

for ogg- and mp3-files. (mp3 with and without id3-tags)

The application "gst-typefind" that is automatically built during the 
make process returns a message with similar meaning:

"<file name> - No type found"

(I did run gst-register.)

Question: What could be the reason for this?

And btw.: How one can find out which formats are actually supported by 


Debian GNU Linux/ix86

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