[gst-devel] Lip Sync with v4l2/oss/theora/vorbis/ogg

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Mon Jul 18 05:29:10 CEST 2005


> I asked about this on IRC and it was said that there were some sync patches applied to the v4l elements that weren't applied to the v4l2 elements. I can't test with a v4l1 source since I don't have any suitable hardware, but I'm starting to think this could be the problem. Does anyone have the details of this patch, or know a bit more about it? I'd be willing to have a go at applying the patch to the v4l2 code myself if I knew what it was.

"some sync patches" where really a bunch of patches over the course of a
few weeks, and I think it would be hard to distill a nice patch from it.
The reason I didn't do v4l2 as well at that time is that I've never
understood how to do v4l2 properly, given that the header gets stripped
from every distro and it seems it's expected to copy that header,
replacing the v4l one.  A messy situation :)  Even worse is that afaik
there is currently no v4l subsystem maintainer since Gerd Knorr stopped
doing it in March.  Maybe Ronald can comment a little here too.

I am definately going to try doing it in the future, but meanwhile your
best bet would be to figure out exactly how different the v4l2 and v4l
one elements are, and start moving over code from the v4l ones.


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