[gst-devel] Re: apt metadata missing release file

Axel Thimm Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net
Mon Jul 18 05:42:04 CEST 2005

Hi Thomas,

On Mon, Jul 18, 2005 at 01:49:35PM +0200, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> > [gstreamer-devel-owner please approve this post, I'm not subscribed]
> > 
> > I'm reviewing repo configs for FC4 and stumbed across the missing
> > "release" file in apt's metadata generation (for all distributions).
> If you tell me what exactly to do differently or what option to use I'll
> do that.

Are you using genbasedir? The relevant options are --listonly,
--hashonly and --partial (or nothing at all).

W/o options genbasedir is already doing everything. If you want to
update the metadata incrementally (only for a section, because only
one was changed), you can use --partial.

If you are using --listonly the "release" file is skipped. You can
have the hash computed and inserted into it with --hashonly.

So it depends on what you currently use. I believe --hashonly is what
you need to use.

For reference, I build the metadata with

genbasedir --bloat --flat --listonly $tmptop $component
genbasedir --bloat --flat --partial --hashonly $tmptop $component

Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net
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