[gst-devel] Getting width and height before sink instanciation

Loïc Molinari loic.molinari at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 09:18:22 CEST 2005


I am writing a little piece of software aimed to display video streams
on OpenGL textures. Like the GStreamer manual advices, I choose to
write my own sink element instead of using the fakesink way. My
class_init takes two readable properties, the width and the height.
OpenGL needs pow2 values, so I put width and height to the pow2 upper
values in the sink.

Here is my pipeline :
gnomevfssrc <-> decodebin <-> ffmpegcolorspace <-> videoscale <-> mysink

The problem is that I need to know width and height of the stream
before the instanciation of the sink, and I do not find how to do that
! I tried to get caps of the elements of the decodebin element when
the new-decoded-pad signal fired, but I could not.

Is anybody know how could I accomplish that ? Is this the good way ?
Is adding a new property telling width and height destination values
in the videoscale element a good idea ?

    regards, Loïc.

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