[gst-devel] RTP Update and docs

Li Juan GUO li-juan.guo at st.com
Wed Jul 20 00:46:05 CEST 2005

I want to build Farsight gst-plugins-0.9 module, so I get gstreamer and
gst-plugins-base from gstreamer cvs.
Is there any requirement for tag in cvs? such as HEAD or MAIN.
gstreamer can be work successfully. but gst-plugins-base cannot be built.
run ./autogen.sh under folder gst-plugins-base, error is:

+running automake -a -c...
Makefile.am: required file `./NEWS' not found
Makefile.am: required file `./README' not found
Makefile.am: required file `./AUTHORS' not found

but these files exists in the folder gst-plugins-base.


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Subject: [gst-devel] RTP Update and docs

   For all those who requested RTP information in gstreamer here it is.

The doc is pretty simple and is just something to get ur feet wet. It's
under dev and alot of things will probably change so don't develop alot of
stuff around this yet. But it none the less working and probably usuable
tested it much yet). This all of course is only gstreamer CVS (0.9) and the 
elements are in Farsight's CVS (gst-plugins-0.9).

Philippe Khalaf 

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