[gst-devel] Query about Running Gstreamer on Monta Vista Linux

Rios, Ariel ariel at ti.com
Wed Jul 20 08:19:14 CEST 2005

>I need to use Gstreamer on Monta Vista Linux Kernel.Is it possible to
>run Gstreamer on this kernel?
Yes. It is possible and works fine :)

>should I use any other version of
>Gstreamer.Or how can I make/install it on Monta Vista Kernel?

I configure using:

 $ ./configure --prefix=/arm/target --host=arm-linux
--disable-docs-build --with-cachedir=/var/cache/gstreamer-0.8

Gst-plugins is compiled:

 $ ./configure --prefix=/arm/GTK_00C/target 
................... (disable/enable all plugins you need)


I use latest gstreamer and gst-plugins releases for 0.8 series.


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