[gst-devel] Re: dparams roadmap (AKA dparams are dead, long live control pads)

Steve Baker steve at stevebaker.org
Tue Mar 1 12:00:13 CET 2005

Sefan said:
> Not that I am aware of a practicable one.
> a) One idea I had was implementing the controllable parameters like gtk
> does it with the style properties. The nice thing is the separation of
> static and synamic properties.
> The bad thing about it is - erm the separation again :( (the properties
> could not be used with g_object_set/get then).
> b.) custom paraspec types - too much work?
> c.) custom GParamFlags in the paramspecs? We could define flags outsides
> glibs scope (G_PARAM_USER_SHIFT).
> downside, this need care to avoid collisions.
> d.) an interface - too much work too?
> I currently look the the 6 properties of the sine-source and that tells
> me, that we really need to disinguish between static and dynamic
> (controllable) properties. But it is just that name that can be easilly
> avoided.
> The most logical way to me would be c) - although it looks a little
> dangerous. What do others think?

I think at the end of the day doing this with an interface would be the
cleanest solution, even though its a bit of a hassle. Having an interface
that elements have to implement might allow for a cleaner dparams api too.


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