[gst-devel] pyOpenGL +py-gstreamer with opengl plugin

Guillaume Proux guillaume.proux at scala.com
Tue Mar 1 18:59:20 CET 2005

Hallo Chrisitan,

Very unfortunate. This is an area where Linux still has lots of catching 
up to do  with Microsoft. Direct3D has lots of nice ways to push video 
into a texture (due to the tight integration of DirectShow and D3D).
I don't have the experience and time to do something below the Python 
layer unfortunately (sob).

ristian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:

>Hi Guillaume,
>The glimagesink plugin is not working currently AFAIK, and do need
>someone to give it a little love to take it the last mile. It was
>originally developed by Gernot Ziegler and used with his Gstsert stuff:

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