[gst-devel] Quad Video

Gergely Nagy gergely.nagy at neteyes.hu
Tue Mar 15 15:27:10 CET 2005

>        Four streams mixed in. The result should be a video divided in 
> four quaters, in each one receives one of the stream.
>        Is there already a plugin which can handle this or do I have to 
> try ;-) to build one ?

You should be able to do it with videomixer (you'll need your own
application for that, as you need to fiddle with pad properties then),
or you can use carefully stacked imagemixer elements (see bugzilla).

It is certainly possible, I did it a few times already =)

Gergely Nagy <gergely.nagy at neteyes.hu>
NetEyes Kft.

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