[gst-devel] I420 + alpha

Gergely Nagy algernon at bonehunter.rulez.org
Wed Mar 16 03:00:04 CET 2005

In our application, we have an I420 format source, which I need to
modifiy (blend stuff on it), and pass it to theoraenc, which wants I420.

Right now, I need to convert the whole thing to AYUV, and then back.
This results in significantly more resource usage and it takes a lot of

To solve this, I'd like to have a new format, which is essentially I420
with a full-size alpha plane appended (appended, because then it is easy
to strip, or simply ignore).

This way, I could make our application able to work without any kind of
expensive colorspace conversions, and could use the same buffer the
first element in the pipeline gave me. In my experience, this makes the
whole thing significantly faster.

Question is, how should I call this new format? I thought of A420, but
people here might have better ideas.

Gergely Nagy

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