[gst-devel] Question about decodebin

Luis Lopez Lopez xuzo at ikossi.org
Thu Mar 17 12:27:22 CET 2005

Hi, I am developing a gnome2 based player called Eina[1].
I'm switching Eina from spider decoder to decodebin. I read somewhere
(may be in source code?) that decodebin is a "dynamic bin".

In my player I have to unref and create new spider for each element in
the playlist because the user can mix mp3 and ogg files.

The question is: can I put some mp3 in a pipeline with decodebin as
decoder and re-use it without regenerating for later play an ogg?

Thanks in advance.

PD. Excuse my poor english.

1. http://bolgo.cent.uji.es/proyectos/eina
Luis Lopez Lopez <xuzo at ikossi.org>

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