[gst-devel] I420 + alpha

Gergely Nagy algernon at bonehunter.rulez.org
Fri Mar 18 00:15:12 CET 2005

> > This way, I could make our application able to work without any kind of
> > expensive colorspace conversions, and could use the same buffer the
> > first element in the pipeline gave me. In my experience, this makes the
> > whole thing significantly faster.
> >
> > Question is, how should I call this new format? I thought of A420, but
> > people here might have better ideas.
> >
> stupid question:
> Does a format that does this already exist somewhere?
> It sounds like a reasonable format to have to me and if it were already
> existing somewhere we could just use that name.

According to a later mail in this thread, yes. So I'll use that :)

> Although converting from I420 to AYUV and back shouldn't really be that
> performance-reducing, or is it?

It is. You have to rearrange the bytes from a packed AYUV (where each
component is full-blown, unlike in I420) to a planar I420. It is a _lot_
of copying.

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