[gst-devel] Wim's week 2 progress mail

Wim Taymans wim at fluendo.com
Mon May 2 10:32:02 CEST 2005

On Tue, 2005-03-29 at 13:34 +0200, Ronald S. Bultje wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Progress seems to go well, we should probably start working on plugins
> from now (week3) on. Anyway, some small nags:
> On Tue, 29 Mar 2005, Andy Wingo wrote:
> >   Removed GstThread
> >   Removed schedulers
> >   Removed cothreads
> At the meet in Barcelona, I've asked for some work on a functional muxer
> based on the new pure push-based system. Has there been any work on this
> yet?

I'm working on adder, which is a mixer this week. When that works I do 
oggmux. So this week should bring in some functional muxers.

> >  - Documentation updates
> >     - GstBus design
> GstBus message notification appears to be fd-based, is that the ideal
> approach? It seems (from a design point of view) to be a weird way to do
> something. I haven't thought about it for too long really, so maybe this
> is the only workable solution, but I still want to ask: can that be done
> better?

As andy said, the fd is used for integrating it in the mainloop, which
only be done with poll(), which requires an fd.

> (If not: fine - I'm just wondering.)
> >    - plugin/pluginfeatures/elementfactory etc still expose Glists in the
> > API
> >      and are generally not threadsafe.
> (Those are read-only so far, that should be fine, in practice, right?)

For now, yes. They don't change at runtime for now.

> >     - GST_EVENT_FILLER: not needed with new scheduling.
> That is not true, I think. We discussed it in Barcelona, and from the
> discussion, it seemed you, me and Benjamin agreed on this. Anyway, I'll
> try to get subtitles to work and see how this goes. If you want to make
> subtitles display/muxing (or any sparse data stream) working your way,
> here's your chance.

Hmm, yes.. let's see what happens when we get to do something

> Thanks so far,
> Ronald
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