[gst-devel] Clocking... synchronization...

transat at freesurf.fr transat at freesurf.fr
Tue May 10 01:41:56 CEST 2005

I have make a simple file player who use decodbin and a thread for each sink
(audio and video). But i had some trouble with A/V sync.

So in a first time i have fixed the clock of all element at the audio clock
(alsaclock), and i have seen that the base_time of videosonk and audiosink
was different (depend when the thread go to state playing).

In second time i have fixed all the base_time to the same time (just for a
test). But there is always a delay between audio and video. Maybe because of
elements latencys.

I understood well how the elements must make the synchro and for what the
base_time is used. But, I don't understand how is used latency for

Please help me and give me the good method for A/V sync.

Thanks in advance.

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