[gst-devel] Module list

Benoit de Boursetty bdbkun at gmail.com
Thu May 12 07:07:35 CEST 2005

Dear GStreamer developers,

I took a recent interest in GStreamer as a potential alternative to
DirectShow. That developing multimedia applications would force people
to switch to proprietary OSs if they don't want to re-do the whole
graph-building thing was kind of sad, so I'm very happy to see
GStreamer maturing.

On the website, I couldn't find a table of sources, sinks, codecs,
muxers & demuxers (commercial or not) that use GStreamer. I was
wondering if there was one and if yes, where to find it. If not, I
would be happy to compile such a table if you would please send your
contributions to me using the following template:

Contact info: (author / company, email, homepage, telephone)
Date of last version:
Licensing: [commercial|non-commercial]
Type: [sink|source|mux|demux|transform|encoder|decoder]
Short description (less than 256 char):
Input(s): (input formats -- please give full references)
Output(s): (output formats -- please give full references)

Thanks & best regards,

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