[gst-devel] newbie questions

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Tue May 24 03:11:03 CEST 2005


Thanks for the swift reply.

> You could write a bin containing the actual elements, and which in itself
> behaves like a source. This is genrerally called a 'manager', and is how
> elements such as playbin (Totem) or applications such as Cupid act.

I see. But, I still don't see how do I make an existing source shorter.

To be more specific, say I have the following chain:

filesrc ! oggdemux ! vorbisec ! alsasink

where I gave filesrc a 60 second ogg vorbis file.

in the following case:

    - only play from the 5th second up to the 45th second,
      making it a 40 second input

         +--------- 60 second input -----------------+
            +---- 5th to 45th second ---------+

I guess I'd put some filter after vorbisdec:

filesrc ! oggdemux ! vorbisdec ! myfilter ! alsasink

and I'd tell it to play only from the 5th to the 45th second. what
filter would that be?

in the other case:

    - start playing only 11seconds later, and after the 60secs, have
      a 5second silence afterwards, making it a 76second input

           +--------- 60 second input -----------------+
  +-11sec-++--------- 60 second input -----------------++-5sec-+

I see there's a plugin called silence, but I don't see how I can limit
it to be 11 sec, or how I can arrange them in the above setup...


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