[gst-devel] issue on gstreamer control

rong wang rhong_wang at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 07:38:46 CET 2005

  I checked again, I cannot find mixer implementation
in the osssink in the gst-plugins-0.8.11, Could you
point me out? 
  To my understanding so far, we have general mixer
interface implemented under gst-libs/mixer. So, you
have to cast this general interface to use specific
one like ossmixer by GST_MIXER. Is it right? 

  I do see library libgstmixer.la, Should I move it
to where I want to use it? or, it is already included
in the libgstinterfaces-0.8.so?



--- "Ronald S. Bultje" <rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net>

> On Fri, 2005-11-04 at 18:18 -0800, rong wang wrote:
> >   I looked at the source, I didn't see osssink has
> > any mixer interface.
> It does; both ossmixer and osssink implement the
> GstMixer interface.
> Ronald

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