[gst-devel] Setcaps Problem ? causing gst-ffmpeg bugs - not called on first event

Antoine Tremblay hexa00 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 14:35:18 CET 2005

Hi all,

I have the following problem I have a pipeline like : gst-launch rtpbin
localport=5592 !
! rtph263pdec ! video/x-h263,width=180,height=180,framerate=\(double\)15.0 !
ffdec_h263 ! sdlvideosink sync=false

The problem is that when the newsegment event is sent at first the caps
aren't set and gst-ffmpeg expects them like in gstffmpegde.c in
it makes decisions based on the codecid id but the codecid isn't set yet!
(lots of other needed things aren't set too)

This function assumes that the ffmepgdec context is set properly but it
isn't since setcaps was never called because it's not called when the 1st
event is sent but only when the 1st data is sent so if you don't send data
before a newsegment event which should be the case I think setcaps won't be
called and the function handling the newsegement event won't work at all...
shouldn't the setcaps be called on 1st data buffer or 1st event buffer
(which ever is 1st) ? rather then only on 1st data buffer? or am I missing

Thanks to all

gst-ffmpeg : from HEAD
gstreamer-0.9 : from HEAD

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