[gst-devel] [OTAnn] Feedback

daniel fischer dan at f3c.com
Wed Nov 9 08:30:36 CET 2005

shenanigans <maillist at roomity.com> (on Mon,  7 Nov 2005 13:11:11 -0800 (PST)):

  > I was interested in getting feedback from current mail group users.
  > We have mirrored your mail list in a new application that provides a more aggregated and safe environment which utilizes the power of broadband.
  > Roomity.com v 1.5 is a web 2.01 community webapp. Our newest version adds broadcast video and social networking such as favorite authors and an html editor.
  > It?s free to join and any feedback would be appreciated.

sorry, i cannot help but comment on this.

IMHO, roomity.com is spamming people, and worse, mailing lists. (messages like these are quite obviously automated.) their "service" is nothing you'd get somewhere else without ads, and, uh, "web 2.01 community webapp", yeah, right.

i've recently banned them from a mailing list and humbly suggest the gstreamer team do the same.



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