[gst-devel] new element: rtpdemux

Kai Vehmanen kvehmanen at eca.cx
Thu Nov 10 12:58:05 CET 2005

Hello all,

I've just finished my first ever gstreamer element, rtpdemux. This element 
acts as a demuxer/switcher for incoming RTP streams. When the rtpdemux 
notes the PT (payload type) has changed, it emits a signal. It also emits 
a signal when a PT is found the first time. Based on this information, 
the gst application can reconfigure the rest of the pipeline with proper 
depayloader+decoders. You should be able to use rtpdemux with or without 
rtpbin (or with ortp).

The rtpdemux code is currently part of farsight darcs repo:

There's also a small test program that combines rtpdemux, rtpbin and
gsm packetizers.

Comments on design, coding style, quality, etc are welcome. :) Eventually 
I'd like to get this integrated to gstreamer-cvs (gst-plugins-good maybe,
along with other rtp elements).

For some background, see my earlier mails:

  under work: Sofia-SIP at http://sofia-sip.sf.net

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