[gst-devel] Final decision on RTP payloader/depayloader naming convention

burgerman at users.sourceforge.net burgerman at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Nov 11 10:36:41 CET 2005

     The conclave of the court of high bishops has decided the
following naming convention will be used for RTP
payloaders/depayloaders in the future :

file names : gstrtpxxxpay.c/gstrtpxxxdepay.c
element names : rtpxxxpay/rtpxxxdepay

Of course xxx = your codec name. Example :


Please use this naming convention for all elements that are
commited in the future.

Also make sure you rename the payloaders/depayloaders that you maintain
as soon as Thomas gives you the green light.

Live long and prosper V

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