[gst-devel] [ANN] pakt 0.4 'embrace the unknown'

daniel fischer dan at f3c.com
Mon Nov 14 11:13:29 CET 2005

Dear GStreamer Hackers,

with the 0.10 release coming closer by the hour now, i finally made an effort to switch to this shiny new thing called 0.9. I am still in the process of porting my "warsaw" wrapper library and plugins (and will take a while longer, there will be a proper announcement this time), but "pakt" was not so much of a problem.

To remind you:
"Pakt is an XML abstraction layer for GObjects. It maintains a server-side tree of glib-like (Gtk, Gnome, etc) objects and provides access methods to manipulate the same (and thereby the running 'application').
Pakt's primary use is to publish GStreamer pipelines, enabling connected clients to monitor and change the element's parameters and the pipeline's structure."

While I'm always fighting with the idea of replacing it with A Very Small Python Script(TM), i continue using pakt for my daily gstreamer hacking and performance-/installation-oriented fun work. Pakt has not seen a release in nearly a year, but there has not been much need for it. I still call it alpha, meaning "works fine for me" ;)

If you're keen, get pakt-0.4 from it's new URL:

And, if you --enable-gtk and --enable-gst fine, do something like this:
	term1$ paktd --gst 'videotestsrc ! xvimagesink'
	term2$ paktc
	term3$ pset -t '<set target="/pipeline0/videotestsrc0/pattern" value="snow"/>'

docs are somewhat out of date (the basic principles still apply, tho), but if there's questions on this, i hang around IRC as DFh, and do sometimes even read my email.

have fun, and oh so many thanks for the steady great work you do with gst.



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