[gst-devel] lame plugin: wrong MP3-header?

shh shh at sysh.de
Fri Nov 25 06:42:03 CET 2005

Hello list!

I'm trying out the lame-plugin v0.8.11 what's provided
with Ubuntu 5.10 (universe - or is it from marillat?).
Standard-settings seem to be fine, but using VBR-encoding
produces ugly MP3-headers. I used sound-juicer on an Audio-CD with the 
GStreamer Pipeline: audio/x-raw-int,rate=44100,channels=2 ! lame 
name=enc vbr=4 vbr-quality=8
The final MP3 should show something with VBR, 44.1kHz and probably a 
rate of ~160kbps, but the header shows the following:

Size: 1914700 bytes
Header found at: 576 bytes
Length: 478 seconds
MPEG 1.0 layer 3
32kbit, 13296 frames
32000Hz Joint Stereo
CRCs: No
Copyrighted: No
Original: Yes
Emphasis: None

Especially with a wrong sampling-rate of 32kHz(!). File-length is also 
wrong - the original file is 3:17min.
(using the xingheader=true option doesn't seem to help)
You can download/check the file from here: (1.82 MB)

Hex-Viewing the MP3 shows some LAME-Tag of at the beginning and at the 
end of the file. Is that good/bad? Or generally ignored by MP3-players? Hmm.

How can I use gstreamer and the lame-plugin to produce MP3s with 
correctly tagged frames?
Is there an other option I've forgotten to set, or is this a known 
problem/bug(?) of lame-encoding with gstreamer?

Having MP3-files showing wrong length and sampling-rate isn't really 
fun. All applications I checked show wrong infos about these files.
Totem plays them fine however, but Windows Media Player can't even play 
them. :(

Best regards
Siegfried Hildebrand

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