[gst-devel] core reworkings

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Tue Nov 29 07:14:02 CET 2005

Less than a week left.  Can you feel the heat ?

Here's a list of things I'm about to do to GStreamer core:

- move all additional libs (net, base, ...) in gstreamer/gst/* to
libs/gst, together with dataprotocol and such
- move all plugins (elements, indexers) out of gstreamer/gst and into,
say, gstreamer/plugins; have them built after the gst/ subdir
- make a tests/ or testsuite/ dir, and group all things that fit under
it under there: move check/ under it, add interactive tests in a
separate dir, examples in a separate dir, and doc-extracted examples in
a separate dir, all underneath that
- put queue in libgstelements.so
- remove -compprep and -complete

In the coming week, I have an urge to do some code cleanups, like
"replace TABS with spaces" and "add consistent mode lines to keep TABS

If any of this offends you, let me know muy pronto...


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