[gst-devel] cleaning up

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Wed Sep 7 01:32:04 CEST 2005

hi hi,

please vote and state you position ;)

1.) move gst/base/gstadapter.{c,g} back to gst/ or even to gst/utils/
rationale: the adapter is a utillity class. it is not supposed to be derrived 
from. an element will never *be* an adapter, but rather *have* one.
If we find more similar classes it might justify the creatiion of a 'utils' subdir.

2.) rename gsttag.{c,h} -> gsttaglist.{c,h} and gsttaginterface.{c,h} -> 
rationale: sync filename with docs-module-name and symbol-prefix. makes it 
easier to find.
question: cvs surgery (problem if one checks out older versions) or delete+add 
(loses history)

3.) split gsttypefind.{c,h} -> gsttypefind.{c,h} and gsttypefindfactory.{c,h}
rationale: two things in the same module


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