[gst-devel] Developer Request - Acroread PDF Plugin

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Mon Sep 12 11:32:27 CEST 2005

This is something that is probably low or no priority for the gstreamer
team, but I'm hoping that someone on this list who has experience
(and/or access to the not free Acrobat SDK) might want to look at.

Acrobat Reader supports embedded multimedia via a plugin - on Windows
and OS X (though Acrobat Reader 7 on OS X apparently has a bug, but
Acrobat Reader 6.x supposedly works fine)

Adobe released Acrobat Reader for Linux, but without a plugin necessary
for embedded multimedia.

The LaTeX style movie15.sty (available on ctan) can be used to create
PDF's with embedded content, but of course they don't work on Linux.

It would be nice if the necessary plugin for acroread on Linux could be
developed, I'm guessing that gstreamer is the right way to do it - maybe
sharing code with the totem browser plugin that's being worked on?

I like to do presentation in PDF slide shows because it is relatively
easy to make good looking presentations in Linux via LaTeX. Embedded
media in presentations is rarely needed - and often overused, but it
does have a legitimate purpose from time to time.

So if a developer happens to be reading this and thinks they might know
how to do it, it would be a nice addition to what gstreamer can be used
for :)

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