[gst-devel] gstreamer 0.10 release date?

Andy Wingo wingo at pobox.com
Thu Sep 22 03:24:45 CEST 2005

Hey folks,

I think we should set a date for a GStreamer 0.10 release. Otherwise we
will lose focus and delay deployment of the code that we're actually
hacking on, and deal with the shame of bugs in code we're not hacking on
(0.8). Oh, the shame!

However, most people will agree that we can't release 0.10.0 right now,
which implies there are a few things that need to be done. I'll list a
few of them here in no specified order:

  * Complete docs
  * An API review[0]
  * A document describing changed API
  * More apps ported: gnome-multimedia?, totem working really well[1]

[0] This would not be an exercise in "this subsystem sucks", but more
looking to see if we're returning the right refs, if we follow glib
patterns, etc.

[1] Existing apps ported: rhythmbox, jamboree, totem, flumotion...
anything else?

Aside from these release-related goals, some people might still have
subsystem work they're interested in doing. I suggest we not do any more
subsystem rewrites. We should focus on getting our code deployed.

With these constraints, watch as I pull numbers out of hat. I suggest we
bump up the plugins version numbers to match core for the unstable-API
period so that it's easy to know if people have the right versions of
the modules. After the API freeze the versions can be decoupled.

Monday 03 Oct: 0.9.3 release

Monday 17 Oct: 0.9.4 release
 - API frozen for four weeks
 - Any API changes should be filed in bugzilla and reviewed

Monday 31 Oct: Spooky 0.9.5 release
 - API same as the last release
 - Should do an API review at this point

Monday 14 Nov: 0.9.6 release
 - For this release, the API changes built up in bugzilla are applied
 - Also at this point the API is frozen for 0.10.0, barring emergencies
 - Should do a string review at this point

Monday 21 Nov: String freeze in CVS
 - Translators: is this enough time?

Monday 28 Nov: 0.10.0 prerelease
Monday 05 Dec: 0.10.0 release
 - See you at the pub :-)

Andy Wingo

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