[gst-devel] Wanted : application ideas

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Tue Sep 27 00:47:21 CEST 2005

Hi Edward,

> Hi all,
>   Several 4th year students from EPITECH, the CS school I just
> finished, have contacted me wondering what kind of open-source
> 'end-of-studies' project they could do, possibly using GStreamer. The
> end-of-studies project is 14month long, so it allows making some
> really nice projects (PiTiVi was started this way).
>   If you have any ideas of programs you'd like to see, but haven't got
> the time to work on them, now is your chance. There's no limit to the
> field of application they can do, but it would nice to have a
> GStreamer-based application, and hence bring more people in the
> GStreamer community.
Here is my idea:

= Easy (S)VCD Maker =

There is a free app call vcdimager [1]. I can create (S)VCDs and DVDs. But it 
needs the mpeg streams pregenerated. Now it would be cool to have a wizzard 
style gui app which would generate a mpeg stream from still images using effects 
to blend the images.
It could go like this:
1) select folder containing images
2) specify display time of one image
3) choose effekt (none, random, <specific>) <- like in xscreensaver
4) choose fade time
5) choose format (vcd, svcd, dvd)
-> go

it should calculate the disc usage so that one can add more picture, remove some 
or change the time to fit the disc. When pressing 'go' it should create the 
mpegs, then the vcdimager project and run vcdimager to gererate the iso.

There are many apps for windows that can do this (just search for "photo vcd").


[1] http://www.vcdimager.org

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