[gst-devel] Gstreamer WIN32 status

Sébastien Moutte sebastien at moutte.net
Sun Apr 9 11:39:06 CEST 2006

HI Gstreamer !!

It's time to report the WIN32 status of gstreamer packages. Now a lot of 
plugins build successfully with MSVC 6.0 and the ones i have tested work 
really good :)

Here is a summary of the common build errors i'm still getting on some 
1) Some plugins use not supported socket functions (inet_aton, 
socketpair ...). I'll search for a free implementation of the missing 
functions for WIN32 or try to remove this function calls. Does somebody 
know an existing solution ?
2) Some plugins use rint (audioresample, videobalance). I've found and 
used #ifdef WIN32 #define rint(x) (floor((x)+0.5)) #endif. Is it correct  ?
3) Some plugins need regex.h which is not on WIN32 dev environment.
4) Some plugins (realmedia, qtdemux) use void * in a lot of operations. 
MSVC doesn't support that, it generates error because it doesn't know 
the size of void then it can't move the pointer. I guess we can simply 
replace void * used in operations by byte * or char *, can i do that 
safely ?

See below the list of plugins i've built with MSVC 6.0 (plugins not 
present are plugins i've not tried to build yet).
Can someone add that to the website please so that win32 people can see 
the 0.10's status ?

gst-launch 	YES 	TESTED
gst-inspect 	YES 	TESTED
libgstreamer 	YES 	TESTED
libgstbase 	YES 	TESTED
libgstcontroller 	YES 	TESTED
libgstcoreelements 	YES 	TESTED
libgstdataprotocol 	YES 	TESTED
libgstnet 	NO => Some socket functions used are not supported on WIN32 
(inet_aton, socketpair ...) 	


libgstadder 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstaudio 	YES 	TESTED
libgstaudioconvert 	YES 	TESTED
libgstaudiorate 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstaudioresample 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstaudiotestsrc 	YES 	TESTED
libgstdecodebin 	YES 	TESTED
libgstffmpegcolorspace 	YES 	TESTED
libgstinterfaces 	YES 	TESTED
libgstnetbuffer 	YES 	TESTED
libgstogg 	YES 	TESTED
libgstplaybin 	YES 	TESTED
libgstrtp 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstsubparse 	NO => regex.h not present on Win32 	
libgsttag 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgsttcp 	NO => it uses unsupported socket functions+gsttcp-enumtypes 
need to be auto generated and placed in win32/common 	
libgsttheora 	YES 	TESTED
libgsttypefindfunctions 	YES 	TESTED
libgstvideo 	YES 	TESTED
libgstvideorate 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstvideoscale 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstvideotestsrc 	YES 	TESTED
libgstvolume 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstvorbis 	YES 	TESTED


libgstalaw 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstalpha 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstalphacolor 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstapetag 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstauparse 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstautodetect 	YES 	TESTED
libgstavi 	YES 	TESTED
libgstcutter 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgsteffectv 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstflx 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstgoom 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstid3demux 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstjpeg 	YES 	TESTED
libgstlevel 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstmatroska 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstmulaw 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstmultipart 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstrtsp 	NO => it uses not supported inet_aton 	
libgstsmpte 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstspeex 	YES 	TESTED
libgstvideobalance 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstvideobox 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstvideoflip 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstvideomixer 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstwavenc 	YES 	TESTED
libgstwavparse 	YES 	TESTED


libgstasfdemux 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstdvdlpcmdec 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstdvdsub 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstiec958 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstlame 	YES 	TESTED
libgstmad 	YES 	TESTED
libgstmpegaudioparse 	YES 	NOT TESTED
libgstmpegstream 	YES 	NOT TESTED


libgstdirectdraw 	YES 	TESTED
libgstdirectsound 	YES 	TESTED
libgstneon 	YES 	TESTED
libgstqtdemux 	NO => There are a lot operations on void *. MSVC doesn't 
support that, it doesn't know the size for operation :( 	


I've built it by removing interfaces bindings which wasn't working (I 
need to investigate) 	
I need to work on project file to setup autogeneration of the bindings 	
After removing interfaces bindings, gst-python worked really fine ! :) I 
ran a python media player based on gstreamer/opengl successfully :) 	

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