[gst-devel] MVE demuxer

Jens Granseuer jensgr at gmx.net
Mon Apr 10 09:06:02 CEST 2006

Hi all,

for a while now I've been hacking on a demuxer for MVE movies,
and it's now progressed enough to request some feedback. For the
time being, the source can be found here:


MVE is the movie file format used in lots of Interplay game
titles, the ones I know of being Descent (1-3), Freespace (1+2),
Baldur's Gate (1+2), and Fallout (1+2). There are probably
many more.

The decoding parts are based on FFMPEG code with a few
additions (mainly support for 16-bit flicks). So far I've only
been able to test with Descent 2 and both versions of Freespace,
and only on x86, so I'd be happy about other success (or, to a
lesser extent, failure) reports.

Since this is my first ever stroll into GStreamer territory,
I'm also heavily interested in general GStreamer coding

Then, there's what I consider a bug, but maybe it's not: Why
does ffmpegcolorspace require and set "endianness" for 8-bit
RGB modes (not for grayscale, though)? Is this just an oversight
or are there scenarios where this actually makes sense?

(And finally, and completely unrelated, it would be nice if
somebody had a look at


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