[gst-devel] GStreamer as Google Summer of Code project

Brad Midgley bmidgley at xmission.com
Tue Apr 18 09:36:08 CEST 2006


>         So please send me any proposals you might have for things you
>         think
>         would be suitable for a SoC project that is related to
>         GStreamer. And also let me know if you are willing to mentor
>         projects that gets
>         approved or mentor specific projects.

How about bluetooth audio plugins? I could also mentor on the
bluetooth-specific stuff (I'm still coming up to speed on the plugin
arch myself)

It does require a little bit of hardware to pull off but there are two
independent parts that are each self-contained:

 stereo audio (requires bluetooth adapter plus stereo headset)
  bt signaling plugin
  sbc codec plugin (codec is working btw)

 mono audio (requires bluetooth adapter plus standard bt headset)
  bt signaling plugin only


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