[gst-devel] how to tailor g streamer to embeded device?

p aaa paaa1976 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 27 00:39:03 CEST 2006

Thanks a lot.
I use "--disable-registry --disable-loadsave" to
disable libxml when configuring gstreamer.
However, I can't load any plugins after installing

configure command:
$ CC=arm-linux-gcc LDFLAGS=-L/download/root/lib
CPPFLAGS=-I/download/root/include ./configure
--host=arm-linux --prefix=/download/root
--disable-examples --disable-tests
--disable-failing-tests --disable-docbook
--disable-gtk-doc --disable-net --disable-debug
--disable-static --disable-gst-debug

run gst-inspect:
$ gst-inspect
staticelements:  bin: Generic bin
staticelements:  pipeline: Pipeline object

Total plugins: 1
Total features: 2

What should I do to disable libxml ?

--- Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas at apestaart.org>:

> > Q1: how to tailor gstreamer core?
> > There are several subdirectories in gstreamer, but
> > think I shouldn't enter all subdirs to run "make
> > install" , so which subdirs are mandantory? > Are "gst","libs","plugins" 
>and "pkgconfig"
> > What are the functions of those subdir?
>You really should look into them.  If you can't
>figure out what's in
>pkgconfig then you should understand what's in there
>before you attempt
>to do what you want to do.
>gst is mandatory, though through compile options you
>can disable some
>features.  Run configure --help.
>libs is going to be necessary for a lot of plugins. plugins contains
>base functionality that you can choose to compile if
>you want a
>GStreamer that doesn't do much.
>Basically, it's so easy to not install a whole lot
>of stuff GStreamer
>builds, and it depends on your actual application on
>what you would want
>to leave out.  None of us can say if for example you
>need to have "tee"
>or not.
> > Q2: how to tailor glib and libxml?
> > Gstreamer maybe use little function of glib and
> > libxml, but full installation of those is too
>huge. I
> > want to only install the minimum function set of
> > and libxml to meet gstreamer, what should I do?
>You have to look at what you can disable in GLib
>yourself.  A lot of
>people have run GStreamer on ARM platforms, so this
>is definately
>doable.  If you mean to actually compile out GLib
>code, you'll have to
>experiment.  libxml can be disabled in the GStreamer
>build, at the cost
>of losing the registry caching.
>Hope that helps,

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