[gst-devel] dataflow synchronization

Benoit Fouet benoit.fouet at purplelabs.com
Fri Apr 28 00:10:16 CEST 2006

Wim Taymans wrote:

>On Thu, 2006-04-27 at 18:39 +0200, Benoit Fouet wrote:
>>I've read Gstreamer documentation (i.e. Application Development Manual
>>and Plugin Writer's Guide) and one point remains obscure to me.
>>I can't figure out how data is synchronized over the pipeline.
>>e.g. when having a pipeline as simple as an audio file source, a decoder
>>and an audio plugin, the source is able to provide data much more
>>quickly than the decoder can work, itself more quickly than the audio
>>sink is able to flush data on driver.
>>though, my question is: what is the event that allows an element to
>>provide data over its source pad ?
>>is it that gst_pad_push is called in the same thread, and is by the way
>>blocking the upstream element, or are there other synchronization methods ?
>Yep, pad_push() eventually blocks somewhere downstream, either in a sink
>that does
>synchronisation or another element that rate controls in one way or
>another (queue, based on buffer size, some network element).
>All elements in a pipeline share the same clock normally, a typical sink
>waits for the clock to reach the propor time corresponding to the buffer
>timestamps before rendering a buffer. As soon as the buffer is rendered
>(or scheduled for rendering in the case of audio) pad_push() returns and
>upstream elements can produce new data.
>Hope that explains,
It does explain, thanks :)
I have a related second question: in case an element has multiple source
pads (let's say 2 for instance), is there a way to have one of them
blocked and the other one allowed to produce new data ?
e.g. if a video source element provides data to both a renderer/display
(rather quick) and an encoder (slower), is it possible that the display
element have access to more frames than the encoder ?
in other words, let's say you can produce 30 frames per second and you
encode at 15 but you want to display 30.
do the downstream elements have to manage themselves to drop frames they
don't need ?


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