[gst-devel] PushSrc problem

Corentin BARON corentin.baron at inrialpes.fr
Thu Aug 10 14:16:17 CEST 2006

Le 10 août 06 à 14:04, Benoit Fouet a écrit :

> Corentin BARON wrote:
>> Right, this also changed from 0.8, now it goes up to the PREROLLING
>> stage before crashing :p
>> Now the problem I got is with my create() function (too much things
>> have changed in 0.10 from 0.8, I'm quite lost on some points):
>> As it's made on videotestsrc, I replaced my old good working 0.8
>> style get() function with a create() function:
>>> static GstFlowReturn
>>> gst_blinkysrc_create(GstPushSrc * psrc,
>>>                     GstBuffer ** buffer) {
> for what i've done with src plugins, it seems that the prototype is
> something like:
> static GstFlowReturn
> gst_salcam_src_create( GstBaseSrc *basesrc, guint64 offset, guint  
> length,
>                        GstBuffer **buffer )

The create() function for a PushSrc is slightly reduced, I got it on  
the source code of VideoTestSrc and PushSrc. The strange thing is  
that if I remove the implementation of the function, the whole thing  
compiles with only a "used but never defined" warning and show up in  
gst-inspect. As soon as I uncomment the implementation, the warning  
gotten rid of but the plugin won't load anymore.


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