[gst-devel] OGM and GStreamer

Daraku otaky at ukr.net
Tue Aug 15 20:41:09 CEST 2006

Hi All!

I have some troubles with OGG and GStreamer:

1) When I parsing ogg file with ogmdemux element, I recieve (in 
"pad-added" signal callback) video pad as "application/x-ogm-video", but 
not as "video/something". And that why I can't link It to the oggmux 
element and  write new OGG file :(

2) I'am using "playbin" to play media file, but It have some ugly 
seeking. Where I can't find some info on how to make good seeking (event 
by frames)?

3) How to extract subtitles from OGG files? I need It for my program 


P.S.  My program written in Python.

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