[gst-devel] sdlaudiosink / sdlvideosink patch

Andrew Andkjar enki at goodship.net
Fri Aug 18 20:22:03 CEST 2006

Hi All,

While developing an application that uses SDL itself  *and*   
sdlaudiosink (from gst-plugins-bad) I noticed (when my application  
mysteriously crashed after destroying the pipeline) that sdlaudiosink  
calls SDL_Quit() when the plugin is shutting down...   The audio sink  
only initialializes the SDL audio sub-system, so it seems  
inappropriate for it to shut down *all* SDL sub-systems.  The same  
principle applies to sdlvideosink as well.

 From SDL documentation:


"SDL_Quit shuts down all SDL subsystems and frees the resources  
allocated to them."

"SDL_QuitSubSystem allows you to shut down a subsystem that has been  
previously initialized by  SDL_Init   or  SDL_InitSubSystem  . The   
flags   tells SDL_QuitSubSystem which subsystems to shut down, it  
uses the same values that are passed to  SDL_Init  ."

A trivial patch is attached that modifies sdlaudiosink and  
sdlvideosink to call SDL_QuitSubSystem instead of SDL_Quit.

Hope this is useful,


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