[gst-devel] question about using random access

Dreamagain dreamagain at yeah.net
Wed Aug 30 05:22:52 CEST 2006

Hi, all
  I'm aware of lackness that there's no monkeysaudio plugin for
gstreamer0.10 and study the monkeysaudio plugin's code to port it. But I
am not sure about how to use random access instead of bytestream *_* .
chap.11 Different scheduling modes (Plugin Writer's Guide) does not
provide enough information for me (Maybe my english is poor &@&*$$*$),
so does google. So how to replace
gst_bytestream_new,gst_bytestream_length, etc .. with *_get_range ? 
  Looking forward your reply, thx !

Best Regards,
Zhu Feng

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