[gst-devel] video buffer sink ?

Rob Taylor robtaylor at floopily.org
Mon Dec 4 18:47:34 CET 2006

Robin Gareus wrote:
> I'm looking for a way to use gstreamer to decode stills from a movie file.
> 1) Is there a simple way to set up a pipeline for that?
>    I do not want all of the frames, just a few here and there.
> 2) how hard is it to get access to the decoded data (raw RGB or YUV) in
> a (shared) buffer?  I was looking into extending fakesink or stripping
> down x[v]imagesink and then build an external app. around it...
> I'd prefer to build a file-read/decode-pipeline and connect it's
> "ghost-source"(?) to an external "video-frame-data" callback c-function
> - can I do that with a demux/decoder pad?

Hmm, you can  connect up a jpegenc ! fakesink, and place a buffer probe
on the sink pad of the fakesink. You should be able to get the data you
want from the buffer passed in the probe callback.

See gstreamer/libs/gst/check/gstbufferstraw.c for an example.

> I'm only just at my first steps with gstreamer, please help me on the
> right track.
> thanks in advance,
> robin

Rob Taylor

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