[gst-devel] Timeoverlay - Record - Playback

Pavan Kumar Patale pavanpatale at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 4 19:00:59 CET 2006


I am using timeoverlay to display time-length of video being recorded on 
When i playback the same video and display the timeoverlay there is 
in the recorded and playback time.  The playback lags by a couple of seconds 
for each minute of extra recording the lag increases.

The problem seems to be with recording because if i play the same file
recorded using my app it plays well until the last second using gst-launch.
And when recorded with gst-launch it plays until last second using my app.

Also, another observation is that initially i thought that few last frames 
are missing.
But when i placed a stopwatch while recording the last number is displayed
correctly while playback.

Can anyone pls let me if i am missing something or should i provide
anykind of logs to solve this problem ?


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