[gst-devel] Simple Video Sink Plugin

Patrick Holthaus patrick.holthaus at uni-bielefeld.de
Tue Dec 5 10:42:52 CET 2006

Hello out there.

My goal is to write a simple plugin that takes raw RGB Videos as an input
and buffers it. There is no output needed because the content will be read
by a Java Program.

I have read the application development manual and plugin writers guide,
and downloaded the sample plugin. With the help of that and some look
into the source of the ximagesink plugin i tried to create a source file of
my own. The result can be found here:

The source can be compiled without warnings etc. and .a / .la / .so files
are copied to ~/.gstreamer-0.10/plugins . But even after removing
~/.gstreamer-0.10/registry.i686.xml and running gst-inspect-0.10 the plugin
is NOT recognized.

My guess is, that the source code is faulty (as this is the first try where 
almost shurely something is missing). I would appreciate any help. There
have to be important things missing that i cannot figure out.
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