[gst-devel] Core and Base pre-releases are available.

Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net
Tue Dec 5 16:25:25 CET 2006

Updated pre-releases for 0.10.11 Core and Base modules are available.

This pre-release addresses a regression in handling certain files where
the decoders initially produce pads with unfixed caps.

The pre-releases can be fetched from:




Please, interested parties, test them and file blocker bugs for any

The goal for final release is now tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon,
followed by good, bad & gst-ffmpeg pre-releases on Friday.

Please remember that these modules are frozen for all commits now
without a bug report and patch, all the other modules (except Gnonlin
and gst-python, which already got released) are still Feature Frozen
- so bug fixes only until they're released.


Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net

<MikeS> thomas is pretty anal about changes now, though. He's allowed to
rearrange the entire cvs repository in bizarre ways, but other people
aren't even allowed to fix crasher bugs unless they can write testcases
for them.

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