[gst-devel] Drawing on a video stream

Mark Heslep mark at mitre.org
Tue Dec 5 20:53:07 CET 2006

The question of overlaying graphics on a video stream (with gtk or other 
kit) was raised on the list before.  I have in mind something simple at 
first like a rectangle. The prior answer I believe was it could not be 
done once the stream was sinked onto a window, and that instead the 
drawing would have to be done directly on the data buffer itself w/ a 
custom element or handoff.

The problem with this is that all the drawing methods must be on a 
gdk.Drawable, i.e., a pixmap which resides in X11 space.  Is there in 
fact some way to use gtk drawing methods, or must one implement their 
own drawing routines?  Im aware of the Cairo text overlay element, I 
suppose I'll have at that for illustration.


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