[gst-devel] Simple Video Sink Plugin

Patrick Holthaus patrick.holthaus at uni-bielefeld.de
Tue Dec 12 21:59:40 CET 2006

> Strange: You have gst_javasink_set_property but the function to get
> properties is named gst_aasink_get_property (which isn't used anywhere;
> your class_init sets ->get_property to a non-existant function).  Your
> get_property function fills the passed GValues using g_value_set_boolean
> instead of g_value_set_pointer.  This shouldn't even compile.  I assume
> you attached the wrong file or something.

That was it. Thanks. I looked into the source code from the aasink plugin, so
these errors are typos... Sometimes I get confused by the (cluttering) way C
code is written. In my eyes Java is much easier to read (Because it does not
have the possibility to adress pointers etc. and I started programming with

> Anyways, the crash is related to property getting.  gst-inspect most
> probably crashes while trying to obtain the property's "current value".
> That is, it creates an instance of your element class and obtains the
> value that this fresh instance sets for the property.

No crash anymore.

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